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As a seller, we provide every consumer with high-quality parts. As a company, we hope to have better development prospects. As a lover, we enjoy the happiness that every cross-country brings.
Off-roading is a kind of sentiment, a life attitude that regards difficulties as challenges. Whenever you conquer one territory after another, you will find the world is under your feet, and that kind of joy is beyond the reach of others.

Safety Measures:
• Safety equipment (helmet, gloves, goggles and other protective equipment) must be worn;
High boots can protect your calves from debris;
• Suitable cycling clothes or a full set of cycling jackets have protective functions and abrasion resistance, which can protect you from obstacles such as branches in an accidental collision;
• It is strongly recommended to wear a neck protection device when riding off-road;
• Basic replacement parts and auxiliary tools can prevent you from being trapped. If you are not sure which tools to bring, please disassemble the motorcycle as much as possible. And remember which tools are used in these steps, just pack them before you go;
• When riding alone, it is recommended to bring GPS and tell your relatives or friends where you are going;
• Ride only on permitted paths and pay attention to the surrounding environment;
• Don't ride after drinking;
• Consider hikers and horse riders. When a horse sees an unfamiliar object moving fast, it is likely to panic and hurt the rider;
• Need to control speed, especially when turning, blindly speed and high-speed downhill are inappropriate;
• Comply with vehicle regulations. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to use all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles, and cyclists under the age of 16 must be supervised by adults over 18;
• Unless the vehicle is designed to carry passengers, passengers are not allowed to ride on ATVs;
• All vehicles must be registered and licensed.

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